Sunday, May 19, 2013


Last night I had a dream about school - like in my classroom, talking with my principal, calling on a student, catching students being naughty, etc. I hate those, I don't like when work comes into my dreams, it's weird. But this morning I've been thinking about the teachers I had, trying to see if I remembered all of them (K-12) or something they taught me. (I can't remember 7th grade, that gives me comfort, they are my hardest grade) I rarely remember anything they said, I just remember THEM. What they looked like, if they were nice, if I had fun...Then I had a moment of panic, I'm a teacher, and I have students who won't remember anything I've said, they will just remember ME.

What have I done this year that I want to be remembered for?

I've just been reflecting this morning, always a good thing to do right?!
Will they remember making ice cream and folding napkins?

We have 8 more days of school. Oh am I counting down! I've had a blank bulletin board for about a month now (something that use to bother me, but now I'm over it) What's the point of putting up a "teaching" thing? We've all checked out, it would be a waste. So I'm thinking of a "Summer Bucket/To-do List" to give the kids ideas of fun things to do to not waste their summer. Here are my ideas (combinations of Pinterest)

1. Sleep                                                                        26. Ride a rollercoaster
2. Go swimming                                                          27. Babysit
3. Go on a campout                                                     28. Learn to play an instrument
4. Eat a s'more                                                             29. Go out on a lake
5. Change your bedroom around                                30. Have a game night
6. Read a book                                                           31. Make and paint pottery
7. Draw with chalk                                                     32. Volunteer
8. Have a water fight                                                  33. Have a lemonade sale
9. Make a new friend                                                 34. Wash cars
10. Text whenever you want                                      35. Go to a sports game
11. Have a movie marathon                                        36. Do a random kind deed
12. Have a sleepover                                                  37. Watch a sunrise and a sunset
13. Go to a concert                                                     38. Bake
14. Take pictures - Instagram                                     39. Make popsicles & ice cream
15. Play outside - sports, obstacle course                   40. Go to a parade
16. Tie dye                                                                 41. Climb a tree
17. Star gaze & cloud watch                                      42. Dance
18. Go to a beach                                                       43. Go to a park - picnic, fly a kite
19. Watch fireworks                                                   44. Spend time with your family
20. Go fishing                                                            45. Say no to something
21. Go bowling                                                          46. Say yes to something
22. Go Rollerskating                                                  47. Go to a movie
23. Make and eat a new food                                     48. Go to the zoo
24. Play flash-light tag                                               49. Learn a new skill
25. Stay up all night                                                   50. Relax

Any other ideas I can add?