Monday, October 15, 2012


We went to New York City this past weekend. I had Fall Break (best thing ever!) and Stephen wanted to go out to network. I kind of tagged along. We had a lot of fun seeing the city, it is so different from our life now. It's a HUGE city on a tiny island

Mary was our tour guide for the morning - THANK YOU!

Cool sculpture at the Met
Central Park then city

 The 9/11 memorial is really nice. They have about 17,000 visitors each day! It was packed. The new tower is HUGE, bigger than the Twin towers.
There are two of these memorials, one for each tower

times square

(see the Freedom Tower, HUGE hu?!)

on the Staten Island ferry

Inside the garment district
This friend of Mary's makes patterns - so cool!

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Ice Rink
they are spraying it with water, making the ice - the next day people were skating on it
it was that October...

Stephen wanted to know if I could live there -
Yes, because the Rack is closer to me there than here in Utah

at Phantom of the Opera

the McGraw-Hill buildings (3)
so that's what our textbooks pay for!

Empire state building & Chrysler building
UN building

the views from where we stayed
thank you Mary for the hook-ups

Lady Liberty

a beautiful cathedral on Columbia campus
thanks to Craig for the tour

Conference & Crepes

We watched most of the General Conference sessions in jammies, eating really good food, and crocheting with Caitlin and Jonny. It was a good time. We did go to one session, which was just great.

I continued my family tradition of making crepes on Conference sunday morning. Somehow I've always had my parents here I think, because I've never done it on my own. I started making them before the morning session and Facetime-d home the whole hour before. We made crepes together, it was cute. I love technology, it makes it easier to be the only kid away from home.

Love conference, love crepes, and love family!

making crepes the night before

Afternoon in SLC

Stephen also had a mission reunion Sunday night. He LOVED it! It's cute to see a bunch of 21-25 year old men give each other big hugs. They certainly have a unique bond as mission companions. I even made friends with some wives because we get ditched most of the night. 

Vina del Mar, Chile Mission
most of the missionaries during the Gilespie's time
the presidents are in the center, third row, splitting guy in red tie
Stephen is in the back row, where an extra missionary is poking up

mission pres, Justin Brady, Tim Hughes, Stephen
some of S best friends

Josh David - We love him
Stephen and him are CLOSE
He showed up at our house the other night at 10pm to tell us about a girl
(stephen didn't answered his three calls, then a text "hey man, I'm at your door")
Stephen needs more boy friends in his life

1 Reason to love Utah

Stephen has recently realized how much I have come to love Utah. I've been here for about 4 1/2 years and have had so many wonderful memories here. I get a little sad when we talk about two years.

But one reason I love Utah is because of the temples. I have a deep love and testimony of LDS temples, and I think Utah has some of the most beautiful temples that are always glowing on a hill. I always wanted to get married in Salt Lake so we did, but my favorite Utah temple is Oquirrh Mountain. I went to the open house in 2009 and wanted to go back. A few times that year I went with my roommates. The temple is beautiful, but I love the people who work there. It's not a very busy temple so the workers take time to talk with you and teach you. I just love it.

Last week Stephen was doing something and wasn't going to be home until late. So I drove north a bit and went to Oquirrh Temple, and this time I was able to go through the whole temple. I'll admit I was a little teary eyed driving there. From the highway the temple looks so beautiful, and I could see Jordan River temple and even the spires of Salt Lake temple - I love Utah!

My time at the temple was wonderful. Again a temple worker took the time to talk with me which made it even better. And the celestial room!! I've been trying to tell my parents to go there in the morning for years, next time guys! It is so beautiful. I am thankful for temples

This is from the Deseret News, so it's allowed...I think
this doesn't do it justice


Teachers are some of the worst hoarders. I have taken it upon myself to end this cycle in my classroom. I try to throw things away slowly so Caleb, who takes out my trash, won't say anything. Sometimes I get  caught up in throwing away and all my trash cans (5 big gray ones:) are full and it's an hour later. What can I say, I should be a professional organizer. BYU didn't offer it, but I'm great at it. My dad use to pay me to throw things away at his work office. If only I could make $10 every hour I've spent organizing room 189...

The other day I found this. I don't even know how this would actually work, but it's Historic!
type-writer, casette tape, and a film strip/negative...

I should have kept it and called it "vintage"

Maybe the tape was the soundtrack to the pictures and students fill out a worksheet. Oh teachers, why?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Fuller Family

I snagged myself one of these from home today. It made me smile at school

I think I have a pretty good looking family
welcome LeeAnn!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We have fun sometimes

We are both in the thick of a tough semester. Which is good, we are both understanding when we spend Friday night planning, doing homework, taking test, etc. But we have to make sure that we have fun time together. Thankfully we have our dear Caitlin who IS fun, that's what she is, and she always invites us. Thanks lady!

We went to Comedy Sportz on Saturday night. I will admit the 10:10 show was a bit late for me when they were still joking at midnight, I had checked out:) But we had a lot of fun!

That's me on the left, thanks Stephen for the addition:)