Monday, June 3, 2013


Well I finished school, and we have made it through our two weeks apart. I told Stephen, from now on, we can only spend at most one week apart. He's stuck with me for eternity!!

But I am loving California. I'll admit I do have a little of the Provo blues. My aunt described it well "this is my first time being drug along somewhere" but I'm getting settled. We've done some exploring, and I already have friends! - I love our singles ward, and our single (ex) roommates, but married/wives/moms are so fun, they have nothing to do, like me! Just today I have lunch and dinner plans; then craft time and a double date planned for the week. I'm feeling great about this summer!

If anyone has lived in the Bay Area before, let us know some fun stuff to do

My first night here we went to dinner at BJ's and had a pizzookie - it's been so long, it was soooo good!

Pelicans - they're huge!

sunday stroll on the beach - we're not sinners

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Last night I had a dream about school - like in my classroom, talking with my principal, calling on a student, catching students being naughty, etc. I hate those, I don't like when work comes into my dreams, it's weird. But this morning I've been thinking about the teachers I had, trying to see if I remembered all of them (K-12) or something they taught me. (I can't remember 7th grade, that gives me comfort, they are my hardest grade) I rarely remember anything they said, I just remember THEM. What they looked like, if they were nice, if I had fun...Then I had a moment of panic, I'm a teacher, and I have students who won't remember anything I've said, they will just remember ME.

What have I done this year that I want to be remembered for?

I've just been reflecting this morning, always a good thing to do right?!
Will they remember making ice cream and folding napkins?

We have 8 more days of school. Oh am I counting down! I've had a blank bulletin board for about a month now (something that use to bother me, but now I'm over it) What's the point of putting up a "teaching" thing? We've all checked out, it would be a waste. So I'm thinking of a "Summer Bucket/To-do List" to give the kids ideas of fun things to do to not waste their summer. Here are my ideas (combinations of Pinterest)

1. Sleep                                                                        26. Ride a rollercoaster
2. Go swimming                                                          27. Babysit
3. Go on a campout                                                     28. Learn to play an instrument
4. Eat a s'more                                                             29. Go out on a lake
5. Change your bedroom around                                30. Have a game night
6. Read a book                                                           31. Make and paint pottery
7. Draw with chalk                                                     32. Volunteer
8. Have a water fight                                                  33. Have a lemonade sale
9. Make a new friend                                                 34. Wash cars
10. Text whenever you want                                      35. Go to a sports game
11. Have a movie marathon                                        36. Do a random kind deed
12. Have a sleepover                                                  37. Watch a sunrise and a sunset
13. Go to a concert                                                     38. Bake
14. Take pictures - Instagram                                     39. Make popsicles & ice cream
15. Play outside - sports, obstacle course                   40. Go to a parade
16. Tie dye                                                                 41. Climb a tree
17. Star gaze & cloud watch                                      42. Dance
18. Go to a beach                                                       43. Go to a park - picnic, fly a kite
19. Watch fireworks                                                   44. Spend time with your family
20. Go fishing                                                            45. Say no to something
21. Go bowling                                                          46. Say yes to something
22. Go Rollerskating                                                  47. Go to a movie
23. Make and eat a new food                                     48. Go to the zoo
24. Play flash-light tag                                               49. Learn a new skill
25. Stay up all night                                                   50. Relax

Any other ideas I can add?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reasons to love BYU

I was BYU-bred, born and raised to go there. I'll have to get a picture from my mom of little Jarelle in BYU gear...I was cute!

But, I never have to go back to campus and I'm missing it. So here are ten reasons why I love BYU: (not in any order)

1. The religion - you get accustomed to it, but it is so nice to be surrounded by good people who do good things, to have prayer and testimony as a common occurrence in class, and to study the gospel regularly in a class. It is a beautiful thing that happens in few other places like it does at BYU
2011 - I was in the 16th row!

2. The campus - I love the campus, it is beautiful. The grounds crew does such a good job in every season - having hundreds of trees and raking leaves in fall, putting up Christmas lights in winter, planting thousands of flowers in spring, and having wonderful plush lawns in summer. BYU has a beautiful campus

3. The professors - they aren't there for the money, they are there for the students and that is obvious in their work. These are my favorites: my two supervisors, and Larry (Stephen says his class is very husband's nightmare;)

4. My dance team - I feel so lucky that I kept dancing after high school, and that it led to a huge awesome 4 years that made my college experience. I don't know how many shows I did or places I went, it's all blurred together, but I made wonderful friendships and experienced people from other countries in a way that is only possible through the International Folk Dance Ensemble. It was incredible!

Nauvoo, my first year - these people were (still are) my role models

a lot of theaters - what happens back stage is magical, I love it back there

the sweetest little girl, in Hungary

Luba, from Ukraine, we were friends - blonde, center

5. My roommates (my other sisters) - one of the greatest blessings in my life. I love my roommates. From the first day of freshman year, we have been together. These girls helped me become a woman as I was growing up, fresh from home. I love them dearly and dread the day we will all be separated...

probably the last time we would all live in the same place - Summer '12

6. Mating grounds - I love that BYU is where people meet their eternal companion. I found mine before, but I had a lot of fun while he was gone;) Love is always in the air at BYU
back when I was single...

7. The wards - BYU wards are their own entity, their own beast, and way of life. But there is such spiritual power among the people in Provo. The wards are filled with spiritual giants. I love hearing their testimonies and comments, it strengthens me

8. Provo - I LOVE Provo. Even with bad drivers and snow and construction, I love it. The "little" town, the 2! temples, only one of some stores, the mass population of 20yr olds, "The Strip" with bowling fast food and BYU, 4th of July, beautiful seasons, the families that actually live here, the cleanliness (in most parts), the MTC, etc. I'm going to miss it
I love 4th of July in Provo

9. The tradition - BYU is a name. I only applied to BYU. Not because I was sure I would get in, but because I didn't want to go anywhere else. I still remember finding out I got in (I was with Stephen:) and of course our children have to go to BYU, and their children, and their children's children...

10. Who I became - one of my favorite things about BYU is who I am now.  I came in as a little girl, knowing nothing of real life and I'm leaving as a woman who is trying to do small things to change the world (at least my small part of it) Reasons #1-9 changed me, in good ways, and that's why I love BYU


Yesterday (and it spilled over to today) I finished at BYU... completely!

Even though I have been teaching the whole year and doing everything "teacher" and not "student" I was still under BYU supervision. It's like they didn't trust me to educate teenagers without ANY experience or supervision...weird!

But yesterday I went to campus and turned in all the needed assignments and my supervisor said "that's all, good job, good luck" and I walked away. I feel such freedom now, but also very alone. My supervisors would check on me so often, I felt so loved. Now it's me and the teenagers...

But, today as I finished submitting stuff I felt so relieved - I'm graduating!! It was hard work that is for sure!

Yesterday I was with all the other interns and student teachers, about 25 girls. I was one of the very few that has a job for next year - I felt bad as my friends raised their hands saying they were looking for work. I only have a job next year because I got an internship at the right school this year who keeps interns. I'm so thankful Heavenly Father made me scared last year interviewing three times before getting an offer, which put me at the right school long before I thought I would work next year. Certainly, Heavenly Father can make more of our lives than we can imagine!

the past two months of my life...
Any suggestions of what I do now, I really don't know what to do with my

I also stopped by my dance team practice for a few minutes at BYU. It was so good to see old friends and my director. It's hard to not miss that old life, it seems so easy now - dance all day, travel, perform with a little bit of cooking and sewing classes thrown in there! Needless to say, I loved my time at BYU and I do miss it. But it's pretty cool to see how I've changed and grown up in the past year. Here's to being a grown up...
I used to frolic around in red boots, a skirt, and flower headbands... (and I used to be tan!)

moving into my classroom, I had no idea what was ahead of me

Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're Back

I'm not sure why the blog has been neglected. School got easier, but then I was introduced to the TWS (Teacher Work Sample) thesis for teachers - so all my time has been spent on that.

But, now we're's our last two months in review in pictures

Threw a bridal shower for Caitlin - oh showers, they are funny and weird...

School (teaching) is going well. The following pictures happened over a three month span, not every day do I get such treasures. If only I could capture the rotten moments on camera...

Really yummy cookies, only one made it home to Stephen :)

yes, this paper made me cry. I am so impressed by these young people, they have strong testimonies and deep faith - they are the future of the church

Mini apple pies made in class, I thought they did a great job

Another preschool, one class had 21 kids come!

Valentine's Lab - 6 different recipes

made a temple dress for Caitlin - it came together surprisingly easy, which I think was just heavenly help to get this done in time for her wedding

Three married women - we're so grown up

A family funeral - I am so thankful for eternal families

My principals know I'm a princess and that my dreams come true!

Birthday dinner at La Jolla Groves

Birthday party

it was almost  warm this day, so we went running...and tanning

Stephen's birthday present to me - Dallyn Bales concert

1 Year Anniversary Trip to Zermatt Resort in Midway, UT

Midway is beautiful this time of year. I have such a romantic husband who planned a wonderful weekend for us, I love you baby!

Married 1 year, we've got this whole eternity thing down!

I signed my contract for next year... days with teenagers for another year:)
I am thankful that getting my job back wasn't too difficult

These cute people got married on March 30. I love having Maggie in our family, she is such a good person and look at the smile on Carlen's face...enough said:)

3 Fuller weddings in 1 year - something in the water I guess...

Right after the wedding we drove to San Diego to be part of these babes' blessing. We had a wonderful 12 hours with family, it was such a fun trip within a trip - thanks Romney's

Fishing gummy bears out of ice cream and wouldn't wear dress because it "was dirty"
She loves to hold and wear "lips" (chap stick/lip gloss)
Stephen went back to school in Provo, then I stayed in Arizona for a few days during my Spring Break (love public school!) I spent a lot of time with this cute girl, boy does she have a personality, she is a crack up - good luck Aleasha when she's a teenager

I watched a t-ball practice in Arizona
Carlen, Jason (bros), and David (bro-in-law) coach the team for Caleb & Cohen (nephews)
My dad was helping this day
I loved being a part of my family's activities that I usually miss out on

that's us for now, on to April now...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

You will die!

I'm looking for videos for class tomorrow, and youtube decided to recommend this video to me. I saw it a few years ago, but I had forgotten about this treasure. I've watched a few times tonight:)

Mom and Aleasha, this is for you! All those years of ballet...

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I chopped off my hair. This seems to happen every 3 or so years, and the time had come
The night before, post gym time. I was going to miss a long pony tail
Deneal literally just cut off this ponytail

While I was in the process of mailing in my donation I was playing with my cut-off ponytail, I had it draped over my shoulder like it was still attached. Stephen was a little grossed out (I guess it does sound a bit weird). I just had too many years of fake braids with BYU dance to even think it was weird to touch my own real hair. It was just so long and I missed the ponytail


I'm not very good at the self-mirror shots
I should ask my students for tips - they are pros at it!

Aleasha - the back layers

No I don't miss my hair, I love it short. Yes I donated it. To Pantene Pro-V's Beautiful Lengths, I like it over Locks of Love. It goes only and specifically to women who have cancer. On Friday I found out that a girl I had danced with when I was little was diagnosed with Leukemia which just made this chop job even more rewarding. I'll grow it back someday, but for now my heart is happy knowing some woman can feel beautiful with 13" of my help.

Here's a link about my friend, her family needs financial help to pay for chemo. Be charitable, even $5