Monday, June 3, 2013


Well I finished school, and we have made it through our two weeks apart. I told Stephen, from now on, we can only spend at most one week apart. He's stuck with me for eternity!!

But I am loving California. I'll admit I do have a little of the Provo blues. My aunt described it well "this is my first time being drug along somewhere" but I'm getting settled. We've done some exploring, and I already have friends! - I love our singles ward, and our single (ex) roommates, but married/wives/moms are so fun, they have nothing to do, like me! Just today I have lunch and dinner plans; then craft time and a double date planned for the week. I'm feeling great about this summer!

If anyone has lived in the Bay Area before, let us know some fun stuff to do

My first night here we went to dinner at BJ's and had a pizzookie - it's been so long, it was soooo good!

Pelicans - they're huge!

sunday stroll on the beach - we're not sinners