Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's Ironic...

1. to fly into AZ airport and not have my mom at the gate waiting for me, and only to be there as a layover
That AZ sun still feels the same - tinkles on my skin
I got a few looks while I basked in the sun through a window
It's just beautiful!

We called my mom (already in TX) and asked why she wasn't at the AZ gate to meet us. She was too stressed to get our joke - at least we think we are funny!

2. That this week I have been teaching economics to my 7th graders. Probably only my dad can understand the humor of this. He has spent many hours trying to explain that part of life to me. Poor man. Today we made a budget in class, it was very hard. Probably because I've never actually made one myself. Ironic that I try to teach something I don't understand myself. 

3. I had parent teacher conferences this week. Funny that parents sat at my desk and talked to me like I'm an adult. Ironic that I teach their adolescents to cook because they don't. It's humorous that I was more excited about a parent's new baby than their teen. I'm in the wrong job:)

4. That we are going to NYC in 2 weeks for Stephen to do some networking and so that we can see if we could live there in the future. That's adult life

Life is ironic, big, and going

Daniel & LeeAnn

LeDan or DanAnn were married last weekend. We flew to Dallas on Thursday night then had family time for two days.
-Girls manis & pedis
-Family talks and blessings
-Rehearsal dinner
-Boys amusement park until midnight
-Wiffleball tournament
-Temple sealing
-7am airport with 10 of us

It was a full weekend. We both came with homework that didn't get done. It was good to see my family, it had and will be a few months.

Congratulations to the couple, first sister-in-law on the Fuller side!

I took lots of pictures, but they ended up in AZ - stole this from FB
They looked absolutely stunning! I have one handsome brother!

stephen remembering where we parked

at the reception

at the rehearsal dinner
At first the two boys were sitting by each other then I said we need to switch cuz I never see my sister and need to be next to her. I think they thought I was kidding...obviously not:) 
I love my sister, what can I say

their cute monogram

Thanks for the weekend Fullers!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Random thoughts

I now commute about 50 minutes a day. Not a ton but it's still enough time to think. When I come home from school I always have lots of random thoughts to tell Stephen. So here are some random thoughts.

1. Waking up at 6am isn't my favorite, but thankfully Heavenly Father gives me a beautiful sunrise every morning as I walk into school that makes me smile and love the mornings.
this must have been a late morning cuz it's from our house

2. I'm thankful for 2nd chances. I think they are tender mercies, but sometimes just the little humors of life. I never went to ward prayer for 4 years of BYU wards. Now I make us go to "support" the ward each week, and bring treats sometimes. I guess it's a 2nd chance to get it right. I never went to a recreational dance club at BYU that I should have, I thought it was a waste of time. I now have to host a similar thing at school once a week - oh the humor!

3. I watched BYU folk dance perform this weekend. First time in 3 years I have been on the audience side in a while. It was a little sad, but mostly happy. I am glad I did it 3 years and now I have something new and harder. The team was so hard the first day but the last shows became so easy requiring little thought. Learning and growing and growing up are awesome
my last show
This week my students asked if I could dance. Funny, in this life all I am is a teacher to them

4. Learning curves are very real. Stephen is diving head first into Finance, internships, corporate life, etc. He is learning so much, I love that he can now speak to me in "Finance" language. Makes up for all my Child Dev. or Nutrition talk he doesn't get

5. We're thinking of a future in NY, only an option, nothing for sure. It would be so fun, and sad to leave the west, especially our families. But what do I think of first about the idea of living in NY - "I don't think all of my kitchen stuff and sewing machine will fit!"
it's not cool to say, but I LOVE Provo:)

6. My brother is getting married in 6 days. I am very excited to see my family, especially my sister and her family - it's a few months and I miss having them a few minutes away. Back to Daniel, I am so excited for him to be married, I think it is so fun. But he and LeeAnn have a really hard week. Not my story to tell, but it makes me so thankful for my daddy!
Livvy the Toddler

the almost newlyweds

I love you daddy

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mrs. Case

If you want to see what my day job is like, check it out:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I'm not the most politically or socially active person - I tend to live in my own bubble. I hope it's not because of selfishness, but more a case of "ignorance is bliss". Grow up, I know

But I do love "occasions", and today being 9-11 it was an occasion to be patriotic. So I wore red today, (and definitely not on Friday in lieu of BYU v U). I was a bit late for faculty meeting because I was trying to find a great youtube video I could show in class

My students were 2-4 years old in 2001, they had no idea what 9-11 was. So we talked and we shared, me and my students who are only 10 years younger than me. I didn't have much to say about it, I let the video do the talking. One thing I try to teach them everyday, and especially today is respect - respect their teacher, their classmates, and today respect their country and it's citizens. So I only hoped that they would leave my room with a greater respect for this day of patriotism and mourning. And a greater respect for a country that came back from that day.
this is the video I showed them. It was my favorite of about 10 is searched this morning

One tender moment of the day:
One of my students has autism, and can't participate much in class - I've never heard him speak. Each morning in 2nd period I lead my class in the pledge. Maybe he does this every day, but today I heard him very loudly saying the Pledge. My heart smiled to hear his voice, but especially to hear it saying those words. Isn't it interesting what some students do learn?

Everyday I learn much, and that is something to be grateful for

Happy Patriotic Day, Happy Day of Remembering

Monday, September 10, 2012


We have been married for 6 months, so I feel like we can use superlatives with such a small record.

1. We had the best summer ever.
Stephen created the verb - summered. This summer we summered.
can't you just feel the warm sun and hear the uke in the background...

2. We are the healthiest ever in our married life.
nothing to do with health
Stephen's mission presidents - he was really happy to see them

3. We are the busiest we've ever been
I spent a month preparing to be a teacher
Cool pictures hu? I love them!

Now I spend most of my day with kids like these
They don't look as horrible as "junior high" sounds

This is somewhere in the Tanner Building, where Stephen now resides
I don't know if it's suppose to be motivating or warning...

If you want to find us ever, we can be found here
or on the couch, as in tonight

4. Utah fresh produce, cute fruit stands, can make you smile for-ever:) - so yummy!!

The moral - we miss summer, we love new challenges, we are happy, we are pretty healthy, and we're still married living in our bomb-diggity basement