Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthday boy!

Life has been a bit crazy the past week with me starting school and Stephen doing Finance homework...yes, BYU starts tomorrow. Worst major!

But we had fun celebrating Mr. Case's birthday yesterday.

Stephen ended his time teaching at the MTC on Friday, so Saturday was the chance to sleep in which he enjoyed. We went to breakfast (late brunch...) at Magelby's. We loved it, so good!! Then we just spent the day at home together, finishing our school work. Stephen had a Mandatory Informational Party for Finance...worst major hu? So he went to that and I set up for our party.

We ended up with about 25 people over. Thank goodness our basement is not so basement-y and more house-y and can fit lots of people. It was our nearest and dearest friends from all our social circles - roommates, dance friends, school friends, freshman friends, ward friends. Everyone was social and talked with everyone, I loved watching our life circles come together.

"thanks dear"

hide the ugly side!
Food FACS #99 - it's hard to transfer 91/2x13 cakes

the boys won at Catch Phrase
by the sound of the celebration you would have thought BYU won a championship!

the Pearsons, hadn't seen them in three months

eating cake
we love that couch!

Happy Birthday babe, happy to celebrate it with you!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Marriage is funny

For those who haven't seen Sleepless in Seattle in a while, that would be MFEO - Made For Each Other.

I (and my mom:) have always thought that applied to Stephen and I. Isn't that cute?! It is. But this week we have realized it more. We've had a lot of time with both of our families, and being with other people makes this more apparent for some reason.

Why are we MFEO...
1. We don't like tomatoes
2. We don't like fish
3. We love sugar
4. We have sensitive tummies
5. We love a clean house

Some people may think these things aren't important, but we love that we are in agreement about these things. For the times when we are both being head strong (we' both are not pushovers!), it's nice to remember that we are the same in some ways.


Last week in church I heard a girl talking about her married siblings and how they married someone similar to themselves. She said one of the couples was outdoor-sy and the other was art-sy. I giggled inside thinking of Stephen and I - that we are MFEO because is some ways we are so different that it makes marriage fun.

Marriage is fun and funny, that's all.
(This is what I will tell the Relationships class in our ward when it starts in a month or so. For some reason the Case's are qualified to talk to our older single ward members about relationships:)

Look, someone painted what our plates look like after meals:)
(Carly, look at the plate, look familiar?!)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


baking chocolate & milk chocolate
the bitter & the sweet

I am feeling a bit nostalgic recently.

These RB stairs used to be so bitter after dance classes, but walking down them yesterday was so sweet to see the RB and be on campus. Going to classes got bitter, being on campus is so sweet.

Our ward bishop and 1st counselor were released on Sunday along with many people moving out of the ward. We have loved the ward and leadership. But many new and exciting things at church, we are looking forward to a full ward at last!

Summer is over and school is beginning. The end of summer is very bitter, but fun to learn and work hard. We both are already drowning in school work

The only thing constant is change, I guess

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I just have to spend a moment to brag about Stephen. He's great.

(Isn't it such a blessing that God helps us find the right person to marry at the right time!)

Stephen has been to a few doctors appointments with me this summer. I am a pill when it comes to doctors - like tears, cool wash clothes, laying down, freaking out. etc. This week's appointment was removing a skin tab on my eye lid. I was crying and didn't want to do it. Stephen, very lovingly, just about forced me to do it. I said I was mad at him as I followed the doctor to the exam room... crying. But Stephen still held my hand the whole time and wiped my tears, and even forgave me when I said I wasn't actually mad at him... after it was all over:)

Stephen has spent the last two Saturday nights helping me in my classroom. He has taken out three loads of garbage that were too heavy for me to lift to the dumpster.

Stephen does all the dishes on nights when I don't feel well. He kicks me out of the kitchen, and tucks me into bed.

Stephen got accepted into the Finance program at BYU. He doesn't love it, but he wants to do it because it will give him - meaning me and our babies - a good future.

Stephen works at the temple. Yesterday we were there, and they were short of workers, so Stephen did double duty and helped out.

Stephen serves in a bishopric. He gets up early on Sunday mornings for 7:00am meetings, and he loves to sleep. The boys in the ward love him. When he says a good comment in class one guy says "you got Case-d". It makes me laugh out loud everytime

glad I caught his eye way back then:)

I love you sweetheart!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Las Vegas

When I was on tour in TX, Stephen bought a Groupon for two nights at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. Yes, this was like our third honeymoon!

What does an LDS couple do Vegas?!

Here's Vegas - Mormon style!!

We never actually walked around on the strip, which was great. We just drove all of Las Vegas Blvd in the car, with the windows open, taking pictures because there was so much traffic - that's my kind of sight-seeing

at a stop light
it was cloudy, which made it surprisingly nice and cool

for you Mom & Dad
Happy Anniversary!

The Stratosphere
$18 per person, I thought Vegas was suppose to be cheap!

A few months ago when Stephen said we were going to Vegas, I said we HAD to see the Celine Dion concert - it was wishful thinking. But last week when I was a little overwhelmed at leaving town again, he said he had bought tickets to Celine Dion as a 6 moniversary present to make sure I loved the trip. Happy Wife = Happy Life! 
I was SOOO happy!

I have loved Celine Dion since I was little. I wanted to go to her show in Vegas in a few years ago, but then she stopped to have babies. But Stephen made this dream come true. Thanks baby!

One of those pictures you're not suppose to take. She had the most beautiful dresses! The show was just her and this orchestra/band. I liked it - simple, all I wanted was Celine. This was "My Heart Will Go On" - the Encore

She's awesome - and 45, with 2-year old twins!

After the concert we continued our drive sight-seeing. We didn't even get out for the fountains (we saw them twice the night before). "God Bless the USA" it was our favorite

We finally got out here.
There was a man who takes photos here that took this. I felt so awkward doing the nasty 80's-prom/pregnant pose, but it actually turned out cute!