Saturday, June 16, 2012


Olivia, called Livvy, is my 18 month old niece. When she was first born she would let me hold her for hours because I look like her mom and can sound like mom. But her affinity towards me has diminished and been replaced for my husband.

During Christmas break Livvy became very fond of Stephen. She would crawl on him, walk away, then look back at him over her shoulder to make sure he was still watching. While Aleasha and the kids have been up here for a while, Livvy has rekindled her crush on Stephen. She smiles, waves, giggles, and follows him around.

at the waterpark yesterday, just sitting next to him

Livvy is attached to Aleasha's hip most of the day, so it's a big deal that she'll leave mom and go to Stephen.

I'll try to catch a snapshot of when she sticks out her tongue and makes toot noises to him - she's such a flirt!

found one!
hopefully Livvy will be able to remember Stephen until next time

the purpose of a garage

I haven't parked in a garage in about 4 years. We now have one spot in the garage at our new house. I think Stephen has parked a car in there once. But for some reason, we park both cars on the curb. Maybe it's called laziness because the curb is closer, but Stephen would probably call it "efficiency" (his favorite word)

Well my purpose of the garage is another craft room. I have now used it for 4 spray paint activities. For now, I like my garage being a really big craft room!

someday I'll put up before and after-s to show off these projects

Monday, June 11, 2012

3 Month-iversary

We have 3 months of marriage under our belts, eternity to go!

We celebrated by using several gift cards - so great! We went to Macaroni Grill (thanks Mom and Dad) Stephen's favorite part was writing on the table, decorating our 3 Month banner. Then we went to the Provo Beach Resort arcade (thanks Michael). My favorite game was the shooting game, until they showed the animals we had killed, then I felt bad. We ended the evening by eat a slice of wedding cake. I still loved it as much as when I first picked it out, good choice!

Happy three months dear! I love you more each day, you are my perfect loving husband.
Table decor - Stephen did the line under 3 Months, he was very proud of how nice it turned out

the shooting game, I eventually had better aim

we had the top score

there are three roses for three months - I have a good husband!

I was sad to cut the pretty cake, it was just so beautiful

fun fact about the Cases - we always have 2 gallons of milk
somethings we don't compromise on:)

I have to brag a little more about my husband:
last night I wasn't feeling well so he put my jammies and socks on, tucked me in to bed, gave me a blessing, brought water, turned on my sleep music, and slept on the couch so he wouldn't wake me up when he went to work. He's so great!
he's a stud!

my sister

My sister is one of the coolest people I know.
I've always adored her, ever since we were little.
I love when people mistake me for her.

my sister, Aleasha

Lucky me, Aleasha is in Provo for two weeks with the kiddos. I'm loving it!

The first day started out really great with dinner together and ending with a poop explosion by Caleb and Stephen lysol-ing the air and me and stuffing a pooped-on blanket into the washer with the broom stick.
(I desperately wish we had some photos of this, we were laughing for hours! We're going to make great parents some day)

We've also gone to the Thanksgiving Point Farms and the Water Park

Aleasha did the Provo half marathon that I was suppose to do with her - she's cool!

Livvy has been reunited with her crush - Stephen

Life is good up here in Provo, thanks David for sharing your family with us!

Thanksgiving Point Farm

Welcome to the Half Marathon Club!

Livvy loves Stephen

Sunday, June 10, 2012

the next Elder Case

Following a red-eye flight from Honolulu to Phoenix, we drove Michael up to Provo to enter the MTC and start his mission. Lucky Michael, spending time with the honeymooners;)

Michael stayed at our house Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I made him a big yummy breakfast before he would have cafeteria food for a while. The Case siblings who live in Utah came to say their good-byes. Then Stephen and I (literally) dropped him off at the MTC, curb-side service nowadays. It was probably best we did this, we didn't have tears because we are so excited for him and because there may be (accidental?) times we still see him since we live just a few blocks away.

Stephen and I both are adjusting to Michael being the new "Elder Case"
Stephen works at the MTC so these boys will not be separated yet

three brothers

2 of the nephews

no, I am not pregnant - just a sister (in-law)

Provo temple

Curb-side greeters

I missed the hugging moment...

Good-bye Elder Case
total time: 2 minutes
tears: none!

Michael is going to the Houston, TX South mission, Spanish speaking and he is going to be a great missionary. He's in the MTC for 9 weeks to learn spanish and how to better teach the gospel,

and because Stephen teaches there, he gets to have occasion run-ins with Elder Case
"Stephen, please, no paparazzi photos!"

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hawaiian Honeymoon

Five years ago I was hiking a waterfall in Maui with my sister Aleasha, who was about to get married. I told her that in five years we should come to Hawaii again, for her Five Year Anniversary and my Honeymoon

fast forward exactly five years...

and there I was with my sweetheart!

Waimea Valley/Falls

our mode of transportation...aren't they cute together!

Horse ride along the coast, North Shore Oahu

 Laie Hawaii LDS Temple

Lu'au at Polynesian Cultural Center

smoothie in a pineapple

Our condo deck - we ate all of our meals here

Sunset at Turtle Bay

climbing a tree like a Samoan man

flashback to Stephen's mission pictures?...

Sunday afternoon
Happy Honeymooning!!

A brief explanation:
Since we got married in the middle of the semester then I left of tour, our honeymoon had to be delayed a few months. We drove to Arizona for Michael's (Stephen's little brother) mission farewell, then flew to Hawaii for a week. We stayed at a condo by Turtle Bay Resort in North Shore, Oahu. Craig and Mary (Stephen's sister) set us up with their friend who has a contract with the resort who helped us have access to everything fun. This friend, Brett, made our trip incredible - the condo, car rides, scooters, bikes, horseback rides, snorkel gear, delicious ice cream, and the low down on everything. We were so lucky to be able to go there, it was truly a dream come true. 
We had our happily Hawaiian Honeymoon-er after!