Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Half way home

I left on tour 12 days ago. Therefore tomorrow afternoon I will be half way home to my husband! We have been able to talk every day and FaceTime when I am brave enough to ask for wifi from my host family. Tour has been fun, awesome to perform for thousands of people, and stay with host families. But this is my last tour, really even my last experience with dance. And I am happily leaving at the right time. Stephen has been doing pretty well in my absence. I think every inch of our home has been cleaned. He says he doesnt even remember what it's like to be marrieds.I said he was being a little bit dramatic! Here is where I have been:
Farmington new Mexico,
Alamogordo new Mexico,
El Paso Texas
Midland Texas
Corpus Christi Texas
Laredo Texas
San Antonio

tomorrow Half way home Stephen!


  1. We can only hoping that coasting down the hill is faster than pushing up it! Come home soon please :)

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  3. Jarelle , Stephen has really missed you. We have had more opportunities to speak with Stephen lately, he has extra time on his hands. Stay well.