Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome Home - Good bye

While I was gone Stephen planned a Welcome Home party for me with my roommates. So on Tuesday we had a BBQ family dinner. Stephen and I got a small cheap BBQ with our gift cards and we made meat and vegetable skewers. We had a great set up in our backyard and the Utah weather was perfect. Everyone stayed over for hours chatting with a lot of laughing. I love these girls, they are my family.

But it was also a goodbye dinner because Carly and David are moving to California. Thankfully we will still see them a few times this summer, but we are all heartbroken to be losing them. This was our last "family dinner" as we call them, and last night we all went to Zupas for our last night. We just love each other a lot!

my cute husband, he did a great job on the BBQ

meat and vegetable skewers
see the stake! everyone was surprised, 
but I am just an accommodating host

typical situation: everyone inthralled by David...he is hilarious!

The Newrows
off to California for a real job and a big life

Caitlin and Brock

Jessica and Austin

My roommates...forever

Aren't we cute?!

the set-up
We are blessed to live where we do, 
we look forward to lots of summer nights out here with family & friends

making good use of our huge couch

love self-timer


  1. This was pretty much the funnest night ever. We are going to miss you guys so much!

  2. P.S. You've gotta e-mail or dropbox these pictures for sure - I love them all way to much

  3. so fun! i need to your pictures bigger on your blog. especially when you put up all your beautiful hawaii ones!