Sunday, July 8, 2012

B & B - before and after

House decorating has been a project............ It is my new past time to take free/cheap items, change them entirely, and end up with something new that I love. Stephen was just reminiscing about how many things we have changed and spent hours working on so that it will look like what I envision. I would call that - seeing the potential! He said "good thing I'm cute and can talk him into doing all these projects"(wedding making - doily chandeliers, invitations - took weeks, so of course house decorating would take months!)

Back in December we brought free furniture from family to Utah. Stephen and I hammered off the (perfectly working) wood handles, We (Stephen & Michael) filled in holes with putty, sanded the furniture, Stephen and I painted it, then Stephen drilled holes and put in new handles. And my mom painted the rooms in the mean time. Oh, the hours...

bedroom - before 

bathroom - before

dresser - before
(post wood handles being chopped off:)

armoire - before

painting many hours

This week we finally made a duvet cover, much to Stephen's dismay. He was perfectly happy with just the stuffing as a bedspread. Eventually he'll love it, because I certainly love my ruffles! My poor mother has spent so many hours and days sewing ruffles for me, I have a life-long love affair with them:) 

finally finished, 6 months later... 
all done personally - walls, headboard, pillows, duvet, bedskirt, dresser, curtains

13 rows of ruffles, but only (mainly...) on my side

we love how the furniture turned out
Thanks Dave & Cami for wanting to get rid of so much furniture

bathroom - after
Aleasha said it looks like a hotel (the white towels)
I've been to a lot of hotels, I like hotels, so I took it as a compliment!

the rest of the house is still in progress, just a few finishing touches...


  1. the bedroom is beautiful so I would say all the hard work was worth it!

  2. everything looks gorgeous! you have a great eye for design!

  3. Wow! That is amazing! I love the colors of your bedroom, very cute!

  4. Wow . What a great job you have both done. What great taste you have Jarelle! Way to go Stephen for listening to your wife on the whole package. Your bedroom and bath are stunning.

  5. What you envisioned turned out wonderfully! And I love sewing ruffles for you.
    Love, Mom

  6. That looks so good! That must have been so hard! Hopefully looking back on it, it was fun! Looks awesome!