Wednesday, July 4, 2012

marriage is funny #3

Number 2 was erased, but I can't replace it.

So I've been decorating our house finally. Stephen has been a good sport about me spending hours at the sewing machine, and making things more presentational and not functional.

But yesterday was funny.

Somehow Stephen and Steve (my dad) decided we needed a new kitchen faucet. Ok, that sounded like fun. We were in Lowes trying to convince each other that our pick of faucet was better. My dad was laughing and crying playing the advocate and devil of both sides. He thought it was so funny to not be the husband choosing a faucet, he's been there for too many hours. I, of course liked the classy handle with pretty curves, Stephen wanted a big one to reach far into the sink - functional vs. presentation - it never ends.

this is function with the handle above

this is presentational - isn't it beautiful! My sink, Annabelle didn't win

We ended with a comprise, and a little fear of when we have our own house to shop for...oh the choices we will face!


  1. Perhaps choosing stuff for a house is kind of like planning a wedding. By the end, the male doesn't really care what goes where, so you just start with the items that you are more willing to budge on:)

  2. This story is way too funny. You have a LONG life ahead of you. Mom