Thursday, July 26, 2012

San Diego

Stephen's family has a tradition of taking the family's return missionaries to San Diego during the summer after they get home. Last week was Stephen's turn, but he brought a wife!

We stayed in Mission Beach in a condo on the boardwalk, so literally on the beach. It was wonderful to be able to walk 30 seconds to the beach or watch sunsets while cooking dinner. It was a great week.

The group consisted of: Parents, Stephen & Jarelle, Bekah, Craig & Mary with Parker and Miles, and a few days with David and his 5 kids. Cami, Nanci, and Lizzy were all having babies and stayed home - we missed you guys!

Don't hate us, we know we live a charmed life:)

The week in pictures:
Stephen is a great uncle - teaching Mary Jean to boogie board

Parker and Miles - they are the cutest beach bums

Helping for a BBQ, this was the view from our patio

BBQ - that's a fire pit with glass rocks

Ice cream man made big bucks off these kids
5 Cases + 2 Romneys

the whole group

this has a story - Stephen and I were walking on the boardwalk and couldn't believe how beautiful this sunset was, then we took off our sunglasses and it wasn't quite as good. Stephen had the idea to put his sunglasses in front of the camera - ta dah!

I tripped on the condo stairs and ended up with a very swollen foot 
so Stephen carried me through the sand - my prince charming!

Bocce Ball on the beach
(I beat Stephen once..but he might have let me, I'm not sure)

Sea World - we did the soak zone at the Shamu show... we got wet!
It was Miles' birthday, it's so hard to do a new number with your fingers, 4!

We finished the trip with a detour to see my sweet roomie Carly and David (he was our 5th roommate)
We miss you guys so much!!!

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  1. Woohoo we made the blog post! You guys do live a charmed life - thanks for making that inconvenient pit stop to come and see us! We love you guys!