Friday, November 2, 2012


After NYC we had a lot of catch up. We had a great time, but as the plane took off I told Stephen I'd be ok NOT living there. My sweet husband has now dropped the idea of banking and is doing other finance stuff. Here's what we have been doing:

-Halloween Cruise: we had 16 people over for dinner then we all went on the Halloween Cruise. It sounds really fancy. It's just a boat ride down the Provo River. But it's kid friendly, and it's been a going tradition for 3 years. One more year to go!

-Fall - Utah has a beautiful Fall season. I love driving around and seeing bright yellow and red trees. Sad it only lasts a month or so. It's been record high temperatures for UT, almost AZ-like. I'm dreading the snow...

-Ward FHE Pumpkin Carving

We made a minion from Despicable Me, one of my favorite movies
He almost made it to Halloween, he dried up a few days too early
But then we might have had a trick-or-treater...

-Stephen went to San Francisco with BYU. He had a good time, really liked the city, and had fun with the guys from his classes. While he was gone I had sleepovers with my roommates and threw a baby shower...and surprised him with new pillows for our couch because I didn't like the old ones:) 

SF has tall buildings too

These boys all stayed in a hotel room together
my husband is a stud!

I've only spent a few hours in SF on a dance tour stop, but I told Stephen he had to go here and get a Sundae

-Halloween - we have never been huge Halloween people. It's especially weird when you're too old to trick-or-treat, too boring to have a party and be up late, and don't have cute babies to dress up. So we had a family dinner, and stole Caitlin's glasses to take a picture. 

I made dessert for the dinner. It was pretty. i didn't have to frost it, my type of cake!

-Stephen has been home from his mission for over a year. It was a big day. Oh, I was nervous all day at the thought of talking to him after two years. Funny how life works:)

Things that make me happy:
-We have been listening to Christmas music since September. Stephen said it was a "ber" month so it was time. Then I started listening to it at school during my prep to make me happy. And today I heard it on the radio. I sang it loud and proud:)
 Goodbye October, Hello Christmas!
-We're going to AZ for Thanksgiving. That might seem like the obvious place to go considering that's where most of our family lives. But it was only decided upon yesterday, I'm a very happy girl to be able to cook that Thursday morning with my mom and sisters (in-laws now! and maybe Caleb) in AZ. So happy!

-There are no more orange cones on 1-15 north between Provo and Lehi. I thought it would never happen. My morning commune is now 5 minutes shorter = more sleep:) 
every utah road

-It's Friday. My supervisor observed me today and said I was a "fantastic" teacher:)


  1. I had no doubts about you being a fantastic teacher!
    And marriage looks so good on you two!
    I know you probably won't be here long but I'd love to see you guys while you're here for Thanksgiving if we can make it happen. :)
    Love you!

  2. I love your blog. After Sandy you are probably liking your decision even more....

  3. The Halloween Cruise! I missed it terribly - but mostly I missed hanging out with you guys.
    P.S. I approve of you moving to San Fran :) It's closer to US!