Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mrs. Moore

I realized when Aleasha taught first grade, there is a lot to learn in that grade. I'm sure I learned it all when I was there, but what I remember most about first grade is
Mrs. Moore
She was a great teacher. I still remember learning how to spell "of", I thought it was "ov"...makes sense right?! I remember her sending naughty boys to the corner. (weird how I do that with 8th graders:) But what I remember most about Mrs. Moore - is what a beautiful and classy woman she was. She would wear the most beautiful clothes, always skirts and heels, and always looked her best. According to my mom, when she (mom) would ask me how my day was, I would always tell her what Mrs. Moore was wearing that day. I guess I've always loved clothes:)

Yesterday, one of my students asked me "Mrs. Case, how big is your closet?" Sometimes I have to try really hard not to laugh. I hesitated and she continued, "I've just never seen you wear the same outfit twice" I laughed to myself thinking Stephen would get a kick out of this, considering we do have a room that is called "Jarelle's changing room". But I also thought of Mrs. Moore and how important her outfits were to me. If my students learn nothing about food, maybe they will at least see that it is beautiful to wear clothes that are modest and classy.

Thank you Mrs. Moore for teaching me how to spell "of", punish naughty boys, but especially - how to dress like a teacher!

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