Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reasons to love BYU

I was BYU-bred, born and raised to go there. I'll have to get a picture from my mom of little Jarelle in BYU gear...I was cute!

But, I never have to go back to campus and I'm missing it. So here are ten reasons why I love BYU: (not in any order)

1. The religion - you get accustomed to it, but it is so nice to be surrounded by good people who do good things, to have prayer and testimony as a common occurrence in class, and to study the gospel regularly in a class. It is a beautiful thing that happens in few other places like it does at BYU
2011 - I was in the 16th row!

2. The campus - I love the campus, it is beautiful. The grounds crew does such a good job in every season - having hundreds of trees and raking leaves in fall, putting up Christmas lights in winter, planting thousands of flowers in spring, and having wonderful plush lawns in summer. BYU has a beautiful campus

3. The professors - they aren't there for the money, they are there for the students and that is obvious in their work. These are my favorites: my two supervisors, and Larry (Stephen says his class is very husband's nightmare;)

4. My dance team - I feel so lucky that I kept dancing after high school, and that it led to a huge awesome 4 years that made my college experience. I don't know how many shows I did or places I went, it's all blurred together, but I made wonderful friendships and experienced people from other countries in a way that is only possible through the International Folk Dance Ensemble. It was incredible!

Nauvoo, my first year - these people were (still are) my role models

a lot of theaters - what happens back stage is magical, I love it back there

the sweetest little girl, in Hungary

Luba, from Ukraine, we were friends - blonde, center

5. My roommates (my other sisters) - one of the greatest blessings in my life. I love my roommates. From the first day of freshman year, we have been together. These girls helped me become a woman as I was growing up, fresh from home. I love them dearly and dread the day we will all be separated...

probably the last time we would all live in the same place - Summer '12

6. Mating grounds - I love that BYU is where people meet their eternal companion. I found mine before, but I had a lot of fun while he was gone;) Love is always in the air at BYU
back when I was single...

7. The wards - BYU wards are their own entity, their own beast, and way of life. But there is such spiritual power among the people in Provo. The wards are filled with spiritual giants. I love hearing their testimonies and comments, it strengthens me

8. Provo - I LOVE Provo. Even with bad drivers and snow and construction, I love it. The "little" town, the 2! temples, only one of some stores, the mass population of 20yr olds, "The Strip" with bowling fast food and BYU, 4th of July, beautiful seasons, the families that actually live here, the cleanliness (in most parts), the MTC, etc. I'm going to miss it
I love 4th of July in Provo

9. The tradition - BYU is a name. I only applied to BYU. Not because I was sure I would get in, but because I didn't want to go anywhere else. I still remember finding out I got in (I was with Stephen:) and of course our children have to go to BYU, and their children, and their children's children...

10. Who I became - one of my favorite things about BYU is who I am now.  I came in as a little girl, knowing nothing of real life and I'm leaving as a woman who is trying to do small things to change the world (at least my small part of it) Reasons #1-9 changed me, in good ways, and that's why I love BYU


  1. This post makes me smile. The joys, experiences, and friends you have had are blessings I am grateful for. I agree, Provo and BYU are beautiful. "I see Grandma's house"

  2. (Insert picture of Katrina here). :) yay jarelle congrats!

  3. I love #5! Actually I love all of them. David joked about moving back to Provo yesterday and I laughed and then ask...so seriously when do we leave?