Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're Back

I'm not sure why the blog has been neglected. School got easier, but then I was introduced to the TWS (Teacher Work Sample) thesis for teachers - so all my time has been spent on that.

But, now we're's our last two months in review in pictures

Threw a bridal shower for Caitlin - oh showers, they are funny and weird...

School (teaching) is going well. The following pictures happened over a three month span, not every day do I get such treasures. If only I could capture the rotten moments on camera...

Really yummy cookies, only one made it home to Stephen :)

yes, this paper made me cry. I am so impressed by these young people, they have strong testimonies and deep faith - they are the future of the church

Mini apple pies made in class, I thought they did a great job

Another preschool, one class had 21 kids come!

Valentine's Lab - 6 different recipes

made a temple dress for Caitlin - it came together surprisingly easy, which I think was just heavenly help to get this done in time for her wedding

Three married women - we're so grown up

A family funeral - I am so thankful for eternal families

My principals know I'm a princess and that my dreams come true!

Birthday dinner at La Jolla Groves

Birthday party

it was almost  warm this day, so we went running...and tanning

Stephen's birthday present to me - Dallyn Bales concert

1 Year Anniversary Trip to Zermatt Resort in Midway, UT

Midway is beautiful this time of year. I have such a romantic husband who planned a wonderful weekend for us, I love you baby!

Married 1 year, we've got this whole eternity thing down!

I signed my contract for next year... days with teenagers for another year:)
I am thankful that getting my job back wasn't too difficult

These cute people got married on March 30. I love having Maggie in our family, she is such a good person and look at the smile on Carlen's face...enough said:)

3 Fuller weddings in 1 year - something in the water I guess...

Right after the wedding we drove to San Diego to be part of these babes' blessing. We had a wonderful 12 hours with family, it was such a fun trip within a trip - thanks Romney's

Fishing gummy bears out of ice cream and wouldn't wear dress because it "was dirty"
She loves to hold and wear "lips" (chap stick/lip gloss)
Stephen went back to school in Provo, then I stayed in Arizona for a few days during my Spring Break (love public school!) I spent a lot of time with this cute girl, boy does she have a personality, she is a crack up - good luck Aleasha when she's a teenager

I watched a t-ball practice in Arizona
Carlen, Jason (bros), and David (bro-in-law) coach the team for Caleb & Cohen (nephews)
My dad was helping this day
I loved being a part of my family's activities that I usually miss out on

that's us for now, on to April now...


  1. Hey Girl! Your blog is so cute! You should keep it up :)

  2. I agree with Stephen. You should keep blogging ;) and I'll try to do the same...

  3. Such a busy three months,full of family and friends. I am thankful for your wonderful life!