Sunday, January 13, 2013


I chopped off my hair. This seems to happen every 3 or so years, and the time had come
The night before, post gym time. I was going to miss a long pony tail
Deneal literally just cut off this ponytail

While I was in the process of mailing in my donation I was playing with my cut-off ponytail, I had it draped over my shoulder like it was still attached. Stephen was a little grossed out (I guess it does sound a bit weird). I just had too many years of fake braids with BYU dance to even think it was weird to touch my own real hair. It was just so long and I missed the ponytail


I'm not very good at the self-mirror shots
I should ask my students for tips - they are pros at it!

Aleasha - the back layers

No I don't miss my hair, I love it short. Yes I donated it. To Pantene Pro-V's Beautiful Lengths, I like it over Locks of Love. It goes only and specifically to women who have cancer. On Friday I found out that a girl I had danced with when I was little was diagnosed with Leukemia which just made this chop job even more rewarding. I'll grow it back someday, but for now my heart is happy knowing some woman can feel beautiful with 13" of my help.

Here's a link about my friend, her family needs financial help to pay for chemo. Be charitable, even $5


  1. Dont be creeped out- this is Nanci :)

  2. Woohoo! I love getting a good chop - I'll probably only be a few months behind you ;)

  3. Cute did you do it again recently