Friday, April 13, 2012

Basement Happenings

We live in a basement. It doesn't really seem like a basement because it's big, it's well kept, and usually has high enough ceilings. But it does seem like a basement when we go outside and haven't seen direct sunlight for a few hours...or sometimes even days when the stomach flu attacks.

But here is what we have been doing the past week in our big basement...

-Easter Sunday we were still recovering. I left the house for an hour, it was a big deal. But by the evening we were feeling better. I hid some eggs while Stephen was at Michael's Sunday lesson. I figured there won't be a lot of Easters without kids, so I hid them really well. I even had to play "hot & cold" so he could find them all.
(Stephen appreciated my "camouflaged" egg")

(eggs totally hidden in the cushions)

finally found it

(showing off my decorated mantel, do you see the egg Stephen couldn't find?)

I had to tell him

 -Monday we went on a walk and ended up at Grandma's. She had some packages for us. They were Insanity and my new running shoes, thanks dad! We have already used them...Stephen is feeling it today!

yes, Stephen is hoping

 -Wednesday was my last day of classes on campus!!!
(I still have to student teach, but that doesn't count in my head)

I wore my BYU gear to show my love. I love BYU, I'm going to miss the students, the teachers, the beautiful campus, the bargain books section of the bookstore, my dance team, the buildings I've lived in for four years. It went so fast with so many good things crammed into a few years. It's bittersweet so I'm glad Stephen will keep us here a few more years so I can still visit campus. But as I walked out of my last class - my last dance class I ran and gave Stephen a huge hug because I am excited to do new things with my life. So life is still so good!
Go Cougars!

 What would the last day of college be like without a pressing deadline?! I truly have become a pro at these, something I take pride in. I have turned in all my sewing assignments late this semester, but my teacher has been understanding because of getting married, touring with dance, and the stomach flu twice. But I got the last assignment in 2 hours before the deadline, even she was surprised!
pretty cute hu?! Toddler 2 dress

Now it's on to finals...what are those?!


  1. Love this! :) You guys are so adorable I can hardly stand it.

    Not too many Easters without kids huh? :) Don't get me excited like that!

  2. Yeah for BYU! And yeah for your cute home and happy life! Love you both