Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dear stomach flu,

You have visited us way too many times in 2012, you are not welcome in our home! Please leave TODAY and let us enjoy married life!

the Cases

ps - at least last night as Stephen was on the bathroom floor he was in good spirits, he obviously didn't have a night like my Thursday, which I am thankful for. Stephen serenaded me from the bathroom while he texted the words...we were having a good laugh. We're kind of sad and pathetic, we know
(this is sung to "I'm just a little girl stuck in the middle" song)
Thanks Fullers for letting me buy Moneyball on you, it got him off the floor and actually laughing a bit, and was the inspiration for this wonderful song

ps - I didn't really kick him out, I just said if he's going to be sick the toilet is a lot closer from the bathroom than our bed, I'm not that mean!

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  1. :( Sad day you guys aren't feeling well. I hope it passes soon! Last Easter I had to take Chase to urgent care because he has pneumonia!