Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"the Beast"

Stephen has been driving a truck since he got home from his mission. Even though I thought it was kind of a pain, I have truly come to love it. Here are all the great things about "the Beast"

-We were able to move all of his stuff from Arizona to Utah plus some of my things plus four big items of free furniture from family.
-The front seats could make a row, so we could cuddle as we rode
-We were able to help our friends the Pearsons and Michael move this past week
-We went camping and slept in the back
-I only had to drive it about three times

driving to Utah after Christmas...I didn't actually drive

at the border Utah, but we do look pretty ghetto!

Marriage is funny #2
Stephen is manly, I am very girly. We think very differently.
Stephen's idea of celebrating the end of school was to go camping. 
My idea would have been making dinner, watching a cute move, going on a walk, etc.
I agreed to camping because we only had a few more days with the truck, so we went camping.

The trip started out with me not getting out of the truck because I was scared of the dark. 
I finally got out and just stayed by the fire the whole time.

My favorite part was making tin foil dinners and banana boats, especially because Stephen said he loved it

one last good use of the truck
yes, I slept outside...even my mom was surprised!

Goodbye Beast. 
Thanks for helping us haul free furniture and really high gas bills - we'll call it even
Either way, thanks for all good memories!

Sincerely, the Cases


  1. ah! when I read The Cases it hit me, you're a Case now. Weird!
    Yes Camping was never you, but you have always put forth the effort. I'd say Stephen owes you a chik-flick and a walk ;)

  2. I finally found your blog! Woohoo! I love it and I definitely read through all your posts - expect to see me around here as a regular commenter :)

  3. What creative fun you two have....I am glad the beast served a good purpose...but alas gas is expensive. Cute posts. Jarelle , thanks for taking such good care of Stephen.