Thursday, August 2, 2012

Las Vegas

When I was on tour in TX, Stephen bought a Groupon for two nights at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. Yes, this was like our third honeymoon!

What does an LDS couple do Vegas?!

Here's Vegas - Mormon style!!

We never actually walked around on the strip, which was great. We just drove all of Las Vegas Blvd in the car, with the windows open, taking pictures because there was so much traffic - that's my kind of sight-seeing

at a stop light
it was cloudy, which made it surprisingly nice and cool

for you Mom & Dad
Happy Anniversary!

The Stratosphere
$18 per person, I thought Vegas was suppose to be cheap!

A few months ago when Stephen said we were going to Vegas, I said we HAD to see the Celine Dion concert - it was wishful thinking. But last week when I was a little overwhelmed at leaving town again, he said he had bought tickets to Celine Dion as a 6 moniversary present to make sure I loved the trip. Happy Wife = Happy Life! 
I was SOOO happy!

I have loved Celine Dion since I was little. I wanted to go to her show in Vegas in a few years ago, but then she stopped to have babies. But Stephen made this dream come true. Thanks baby!

One of those pictures you're not suppose to take. She had the most beautiful dresses! The show was just her and this orchestra/band. I liked it - simple, all I wanted was Celine. This was "My Heart Will Go On" - the Encore

She's awesome - and 45, with 2-year old twins!

After the concert we continued our drive sight-seeing. We didn't even get out for the fountains (we saw them twice the night before). "God Bless the USA" it was our favorite

We finally got out here.
There was a man who takes photos here that took this. I felt so awkward doing the nasty 80's-prom/pregnant pose, but it actually turned out cute!


  1. So fun! I'm glad you got to go. You guys look happy in the last picture!

  2. Yes! The ending picture is so cute. :) You guys are great.