Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthday boy!

Life has been a bit crazy the past week with me starting school and Stephen doing Finance homework...yes, BYU starts tomorrow. Worst major!

But we had fun celebrating Mr. Case's birthday yesterday.

Stephen ended his time teaching at the MTC on Friday, so Saturday was the chance to sleep in which he enjoyed. We went to breakfast (late brunch...) at Magelby's. We loved it, so good!! Then we just spent the day at home together, finishing our school work. Stephen had a Mandatory Informational Party for Finance...worst major hu? So he went to that and I set up for our party.

We ended up with about 25 people over. Thank goodness our basement is not so basement-y and more house-y and can fit lots of people. It was our nearest and dearest friends from all our social circles - roommates, dance friends, school friends, freshman friends, ward friends. Everyone was social and talked with everyone, I loved watching our life circles come together.

"thanks dear"

hide the ugly side!
Food FACS #99 - it's hard to transfer 91/2x13 cakes

the boys won at Catch Phrase
by the sound of the celebration you would have thought BYU won a championship!

the Pearsons, hadn't seen them in three months

eating cake
we love that couch!

Happy Birthday babe, happy to celebrate it with you!

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  1. So fun to see the birthday boy's birthday party pictures. You guys are great, ! Happy 22nd Stephen.