Sunday, August 5, 2012


I just have to spend a moment to brag about Stephen. He's great.

(Isn't it such a blessing that God helps us find the right person to marry at the right time!)

Stephen has been to a few doctors appointments with me this summer. I am a pill when it comes to doctors - like tears, cool wash clothes, laying down, freaking out. etc. This week's appointment was removing a skin tab on my eye lid. I was crying and didn't want to do it. Stephen, very lovingly, just about forced me to do it. I said I was mad at him as I followed the doctor to the exam room... crying. But Stephen still held my hand the whole time and wiped my tears, and even forgave me when I said I wasn't actually mad at him... after it was all over:)

Stephen has spent the last two Saturday nights helping me in my classroom. He has taken out three loads of garbage that were too heavy for me to lift to the dumpster.

Stephen does all the dishes on nights when I don't feel well. He kicks me out of the kitchen, and tucks me into bed.

Stephen got accepted into the Finance program at BYU. He doesn't love it, but he wants to do it because it will give him - meaning me and our babies - a good future.

Stephen works at the temple. Yesterday we were there, and they were short of workers, so Stephen did double duty and helped out.

Stephen serves in a bishopric. He gets up early on Sunday mornings for 7:00am meetings, and he loves to sleep. The boys in the ward love him. When he says a good comment in class one guy says "you got Case-d". It makes me laugh out loud everytime

glad I caught his eye way back then:)

I love you sweetheart!


  1. What a good husband! :) I always knew he would take good care of you.

  2. Oh gosh this is the cutest - I knew I liked that Stephen, but way to exceed expectations. When do we give out the darling husband awards?

  3. Good job, Stephen! You are a great guy. . . and you did get a great girl!