Saturday, August 18, 2012

Marriage is funny

For those who haven't seen Sleepless in Seattle in a while, that would be MFEO - Made For Each Other.

I (and my mom:) have always thought that applied to Stephen and I. Isn't that cute?! It is. But this week we have realized it more. We've had a lot of time with both of our families, and being with other people makes this more apparent for some reason.

Why are we MFEO...
1. We don't like tomatoes
2. We don't like fish
3. We love sugar
4. We have sensitive tummies
5. We love a clean house

Some people may think these things aren't important, but we love that we are in agreement about these things. For the times when we are both being head strong (we' both are not pushovers!), it's nice to remember that we are the same in some ways.


Last week in church I heard a girl talking about her married siblings and how they married someone similar to themselves. She said one of the couples was outdoor-sy and the other was art-sy. I giggled inside thinking of Stephen and I - that we are MFEO because is some ways we are so different that it makes marriage fun.

Marriage is fun and funny, that's all.
(This is what I will tell the Relationships class in our ward when it starts in a month or so. For some reason the Case's are qualified to talk to our older single ward members about relationships:)

Look, someone painted what our plates look like after meals:)
(Carly, look at the plate, look familiar?!)


  1. I agree. You definitely are MFEO!
    I always thought I would marry someone like me, but it turns out I married my opposite! Chase and I are different in so many ways but it makes it fun. Plus He likes all the fruit snack colors/flavors I don't (and vice versa) so we both get what we want!

  2. They painted my plate! That picture is MFTP (Made For This Post)!
    P.S. We feel pretty special to have gotten your first ever like on Facebook for our anniversary ;)

  3. You two are definitely made for each other. So fun to see you this past week.