Monday, October 15, 2012


Teachers are some of the worst hoarders. I have taken it upon myself to end this cycle in my classroom. I try to throw things away slowly so Caleb, who takes out my trash, won't say anything. Sometimes I get  caught up in throwing away and all my trash cans (5 big gray ones:) are full and it's an hour later. What can I say, I should be a professional organizer. BYU didn't offer it, but I'm great at it. My dad use to pay me to throw things away at his work office. If only I could make $10 every hour I've spent organizing room 189...

The other day I found this. I don't even know how this would actually work, but it's Historic!
type-writer, casette tape, and a film strip/negative...

I should have kept it and called it "vintage"

Maybe the tape was the soundtrack to the pictures and students fill out a worksheet. Oh teachers, why?


  1. Utah is the best! I get little sad flashes thinking about how we don't live there anymore...David thinks I'm so funny, but I can't help it! Utah is the best. I think I ought to buy a quick ticket for a weekend up there with you girls. Maybe that will be my Christmas present to myself ;)

  2. The American Egg Board? I never knew there was such a thing!