Monday, October 15, 2012

1 Reason to love Utah

Stephen has recently realized how much I have come to love Utah. I've been here for about 4 1/2 years and have had so many wonderful memories here. I get a little sad when we talk about two years.

But one reason I love Utah is because of the temples. I have a deep love and testimony of LDS temples, and I think Utah has some of the most beautiful temples that are always glowing on a hill. I always wanted to get married in Salt Lake so we did, but my favorite Utah temple is Oquirrh Mountain. I went to the open house in 2009 and wanted to go back. A few times that year I went with my roommates. The temple is beautiful, but I love the people who work there. It's not a very busy temple so the workers take time to talk with you and teach you. I just love it.

Last week Stephen was doing something and wasn't going to be home until late. So I drove north a bit and went to Oquirrh Temple, and this time I was able to go through the whole temple. I'll admit I was a little teary eyed driving there. From the highway the temple looks so beautiful, and I could see Jordan River temple and even the spires of Salt Lake temple - I love Utah!

My time at the temple was wonderful. Again a temple worker took the time to talk with me which made it even better. And the celestial room!! I've been trying to tell my parents to go there in the morning for years, next time guys! It is so beautiful. I am thankful for temples

This is from the Deseret News, so it's allowed...I think
this doesn't do it justice


  1. I loved when we did baptisms there together. The workers were very kind. It will be wonderful to do more there together...looking forward to it. Your love of temples brings joy to me, to you, to many.

  2. Jarelle, I love that you love the temple. It makes my heart glad. Love you!