Monday, October 15, 2012

Conference & Crepes

We watched most of the General Conference sessions in jammies, eating really good food, and crocheting with Caitlin and Jonny. It was a good time. We did go to one session, which was just great.

I continued my family tradition of making crepes on Conference sunday morning. Somehow I've always had my parents here I think, because I've never done it on my own. I started making them before the morning session and Facetime-d home the whole hour before. We made crepes together, it was cute. I love technology, it makes it easier to be the only kid away from home.

Love conference, love crepes, and love family!

making crepes the night before

Afternoon in SLC

Stephen also had a mission reunion Sunday night. He LOVED it! It's cute to see a bunch of 21-25 year old men give each other big hugs. They certainly have a unique bond as mission companions. I even made friends with some wives because we get ditched most of the night. 

Vina del Mar, Chile Mission
most of the missionaries during the Gilespie's time
the presidents are in the center, third row, splitting guy in red tie
Stephen is in the back row, where an extra missionary is poking up

mission pres, Justin Brady, Tim Hughes, Stephen
some of S best friends

Josh David - We love him
Stephen and him are CLOSE
He showed up at our house the other night at 10pm to tell us about a girl
(stephen didn't answered his three calls, then a text "hey man, I'm at your door")
Stephen needs more boy friends in his life


  1. It was so fun to facetime with you and cook together! I miss you...we need to facetime more often!

  2. Missions are the best ! So glad you could see all the men you love so much, Stephen.