Sunday, January 6, 2013

A car story

Back in early 2008 I was about to graduate from high school and had been accepted to BYU. I had been "the only child" at home for three years, so my parents and I were buds. I was driving a really cute yellow Nissan Frontier truck that was a hand-me-down from my sister, and two cousins. My dad asked if I could have a new car, what would I want. I told him I wanted a black Ford Fusion. I made it my background on my computer and saved money to help pay for one. I would look at pictures online and wanted it so much.

I went on a choir trip to NYC and when I got home my dad said, will you go get "something" (I can't remember what) from the garage? I said sure, but it was very odd for my dad to ask this. So I went out to the garage and saw a small black car. I thought it was my brother's Infinity that I had totalled a month before...that's a different sad story. But my dad said - look a little closer. It was a black Ford Fusion!! One of the best surprises of my life...right after being proposed to:)

So my love connection with Fusion started. I didn't drive her to school for my last few month of high school because I didn't want it to get banged up. But in June I loaded her up with everything I owned and moved to Provo. Fusion carried me through all of college, never seeing AZ again (until this past summer, once I was married)

Well, from the last post, I got a new car - a Ford Escape. Which I also love, so the Fusion had to be sold. Yesterday we got a call from someone wanting it, and today the Fusion is with a new owner. This family was like - a breath of fresh air, like heaven, like angels. He teaches Seminary at Am. Fork HS, the wife had difficult pregnancies so she can't have more children, but encouraged me that my pregnancies would be great. As Stephen sat in the car with her and showed her how everything worked, she said she has never had such a nice car. As we were saying goodbye to them and Fusion, she said this to me and it really hit me - This time of your life is magical. The time you get to spend together as partners is so sweet and you never get it again. And then when you have that first baby, it is just heavenly. Treasure this time!

Then her two kids hopped in the "new car" and she drove away in Fusion. My heart is happy to know that someone so deserving is driving her now. Thank you Fusion, Thank you sweet family for touching our hearts! Happy New Year - it's going to be a good year:)
we shined her up real good - she's a beauty!

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  1. Black Beauty was good to you! And she held so much in that trunk for moves! I am glad a nice family has her.