Saturday, January 5, 2013

We're alive!

I guess we went into hiding for the last two months. I was (am) finishing my first semester teaching - way harder than any college semester and Stephen finished one semester of his junior core. We've been a little boring, but here's some of what we have done...

Stephen was hired as an Intern for Apple. He's elated!
We will be moving to Cupertino, CA this summer while he works for them.
This was the info they sent, of course with their signature front and center

This is Stephen's new car. During finals he got a little distracted looking at cars. But he sold his old car in a few days and found a great deal for this car. It's beautiful inside and is a great ride. Yes - we have the same car...for now

We went to Temple lights, but didn't stay for long - we were freezing!

The Christmas Carol at the Hale Theatre
This has been a tradition for the past few years

I'm crazy I know!
I had a "Preschool Activity" with my 7th grade class
We were learning about child care careers, so they brought 20 3-4year olds to class 
and the students taught them, read to them, and ate a snack
It was a big success!
Stephen came because I was very nervous, but he just manned the timer and took pictures - thanks babe!

We went down to AZ for Christmas
I took Cami and her kids to the Princess Resort where they had 
a train that went around their grounds where they had lots of lights

My new car! 
Stephen is really loving car shopping, and he's good at it. 
My Christmas, birthday, anniversary, everything... present.
 I love it, I love being a little taller and room for babies (someday!)

christmas present from Stephen with my mom adding the monogram - l LOVE this!

My sweet mom is so willing to do projects. I told her I wanted to re-do my AZ room and she helped me all day. We are great painters together! It's now cream, but I didn't get a finished picture because I didn't finish it yet:)

This was a very typical view of my parents house. My brothers were over almost everyday, it was a blast. We all spent a lot of time building a playground in the backyard - pictures to come later

Driving back to UT - it is ARCTIC here!

Thanks Dave & Cami for the Jenga game
My students are loving it!


  1. so fun! Love your new car! I think it is very you! :)

  2. So fun! You need to blog more because heaven knows my says will be spent blog stalking more and more now. And I love your new car. So cute. Hope your break was wonderful-it looks like it was!

    1. You need to update yours - I want to see that sweet baby of yours! Hope you're doing well. If you need some visitors, just give me a call and I'll be over

  3. We loved having you both here! It was so fun and you helped to get so much done. I love the circle of family cars in front of the house. Your pre-school looks fun; love the snowflakes and you greeting at the door. Thank you for coming.