Sunday, January 6, 2013

The ultimate playground

My parents bought an awesome playground about a year ago, but it's never been put together because it was such a big project. So over Christmas break Stephen said - let's do it...but really meant, we're gonna get this done!

So the project started. Stephen is learning that when my dad does something, he does it all the way, no skimping, so it literally took days to complete.
1. clear away the sand
2. build a brick wall (I think the only hired step)
3. dig holes for shade poles
4. drill holes into poles
5. cement poles into ground
6. level ground
7. pick up, shovel, spread, level, compact "quarter minus" (aka fancy dirt) over the whole area
8. lay and nail non-woven textile over dirt
9. order, pick up, lay, cut, nail, smooth, sand/rubberize astro-turf
10. assemble playground (sounds easy...not)
11. raise shade covering

It was a huge project that involved the WHOLE family, it was very bonding!
digging holes
sometimes they went so deep into the ground they needed all 4 men to lift this machine
at least they were laughing while they did it:)

we separated into teams - astro turf & play set assembly
the turf took ALL day but it looks professional!
Caleb and Livvy were such good helpers

day 2 of assembling the play ground
Carlen was the mastermind behind it all
I think there were about 40 pages of instructions

the family finished it this week after we left
best play set I've seen!
It looks so warm there...

my mom sent this to me
That's Cohen, he's my soon-to-be nephew...he's crazy and oh so funny!

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  1. We love projects! Everyone worked so hard. Thank you, Stephen, for helping to be a motivating force to do it now. Thanks for the hard labor, too. We owe you a relaxing vacation now.
    We are all enjoying the playground in the nice Phoenix winter!