Saturday, June 16, 2012


Olivia, called Livvy, is my 18 month old niece. When she was first born she would let me hold her for hours because I look like her mom and can sound like mom. But her affinity towards me has diminished and been replaced for my husband.

During Christmas break Livvy became very fond of Stephen. She would crawl on him, walk away, then look back at him over her shoulder to make sure he was still watching. While Aleasha and the kids have been up here for a while, Livvy has rekindled her crush on Stephen. She smiles, waves, giggles, and follows him around.

at the waterpark yesterday, just sitting next to him

Livvy is attached to Aleasha's hip most of the day, so it's a big deal that she'll leave mom and go to Stephen.

I'll try to catch a snapshot of when she sticks out her tongue and makes toot noises to him - she's such a flirt!

found one!
hopefully Livvy will be able to remember Stephen until next time

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  1. Oh, sweet Livyy. Stephen is a lucky man to have two sweet women love him!