Saturday, June 16, 2012

the purpose of a garage

I haven't parked in a garage in about 4 years. We now have one spot in the garage at our new house. I think Stephen has parked a car in there once. But for some reason, we park both cars on the curb. Maybe it's called laziness because the curb is closer, but Stephen would probably call it "efficiency" (his favorite word)

Well my purpose of the garage is another craft room. I have now used it for 4 spray paint activities. For now, I like my garage being a really big craft room!

someday I'll put up before and after-s to show off these projects


  1. fun! Would love to see what you made! :) I can't wait til I have a space for stuff like this. The kitchen counter just isn't cutting it for crafting (and I can't really spray paint in there!).

  2. I vote for craft room until frosted windshields!

  3. We never park in our garage either! It's so much easier to just park on the curb - lazy? Perhaps.