Monday, June 11, 2012

3 Month-iversary

We have 3 months of marriage under our belts, eternity to go!

We celebrated by using several gift cards - so great! We went to Macaroni Grill (thanks Mom and Dad) Stephen's favorite part was writing on the table, decorating our 3 Month banner. Then we went to the Provo Beach Resort arcade (thanks Michael). My favorite game was the shooting game, until they showed the animals we had killed, then I felt bad. We ended the evening by eat a slice of wedding cake. I still loved it as much as when I first picked it out, good choice!

Happy three months dear! I love you more each day, you are my perfect loving husband.
Table decor - Stephen did the line under 3 Months, he was very proud of how nice it turned out

the shooting game, I eventually had better aim

we had the top score

there are three roses for three months - I have a good husband!

I was sad to cut the pretty cake, it was just so beautiful

fun fact about the Cases - we always have 2 gallons of milk
somethings we don't compromise on:)

I have to brag a little more about my husband:
last night I wasn't feeling well so he put my jammies and socks on, tucked me in to bed, gave me a blessing, brought water, turned on my sleep music, and slept on the couch so he wouldn't wake me up when he went to work. He's so great!
he's a stud!


  1. Hellooo! I don't check your blog for a few days and you post a million times! What a nice surprise ;) Your honeymoon looks like it was A-mazing, Aliesha is a 1/2 marathon beast, glad Michael got off to the MTC,and HAPPY 3 MONTHS! It's gunna be a year before you know it! (How are we already at 10 months over here?? Craziness)

  2. You are so beautiful in your wedding dress. I love your blog! Keep them coming!