Monday, June 11, 2012

my sister

My sister is one of the coolest people I know.
I've always adored her, ever since we were little.
I love when people mistake me for her.

my sister, Aleasha

Lucky me, Aleasha is in Provo for two weeks with the kiddos. I'm loving it!

The first day started out really great with dinner together and ending with a poop explosion by Caleb and Stephen lysol-ing the air and me and stuffing a pooped-on blanket into the washer with the broom stick.
(I desperately wish we had some photos of this, we were laughing for hours! We're going to make great parents some day)

We've also gone to the Thanksgiving Point Farms and the Water Park

Aleasha did the Provo half marathon that I was suppose to do with her - she's cool!

Livvy has been reunited with her crush - Stephen

Life is good up here in Provo, thanks David for sharing your family with us!

Thanksgiving Point Farm

Welcome to the Half Marathon Club!

Livvy loves Stephen


  1. Too funny. I can picture that whole dirty diaper scenario perfectly in my head. ;)

  2. My two girls..a blessing to me and to each other. Love you both!