Sunday, June 10, 2012

the next Elder Case

Following a red-eye flight from Honolulu to Phoenix, we drove Michael up to Provo to enter the MTC and start his mission. Lucky Michael, spending time with the honeymooners;)

Michael stayed at our house Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I made him a big yummy breakfast before he would have cafeteria food for a while. The Case siblings who live in Utah came to say their good-byes. Then Stephen and I (literally) dropped him off at the MTC, curb-side service nowadays. It was probably best we did this, we didn't have tears because we are so excited for him and because there may be (accidental?) times we still see him since we live just a few blocks away.

Stephen and I both are adjusting to Michael being the new "Elder Case"
Stephen works at the MTC so these boys will not be separated yet

three brothers

2 of the nephews

no, I am not pregnant - just a sister (in-law)

Provo temple

Curb-side greeters

I missed the hugging moment...

Good-bye Elder Case
total time: 2 minutes
tears: none!

Michael is going to the Houston, TX South mission, Spanish speaking and he is going to be a great missionary. He's in the MTC for 9 weeks to learn spanish and how to better teach the gospel,

and because Stephen teaches there, he gets to have occasion run-ins with Elder Case
"Stephen, please, no paparazzi photos!"

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  1. Thank you. These photos warm my heart!!! thanks for taking care of Michael.