Monday, September 10, 2012


We have been married for 6 months, so I feel like we can use superlatives with such a small record.

1. We had the best summer ever.
Stephen created the verb - summered. This summer we summered.
can't you just feel the warm sun and hear the uke in the background...

2. We are the healthiest ever in our married life.
nothing to do with health
Stephen's mission presidents - he was really happy to see them

3. We are the busiest we've ever been
I spent a month preparing to be a teacher
Cool pictures hu? I love them!

Now I spend most of my day with kids like these
They don't look as horrible as "junior high" sounds

This is somewhere in the Tanner Building, where Stephen now resides
I don't know if it's suppose to be motivating or warning...

If you want to find us ever, we can be found here
or on the couch, as in tonight

4. Utah fresh produce, cute fruit stands, can make you smile for-ever:) - so yummy!!

The moral - we miss summer, we love new challenges, we are happy, we are pretty healthy, and we're still married living in our bomb-diggity basement


  1. Six months and you're STILL MARRIED?! You guys are wild and crazy ;) And we love you - we miss summer over here too, but I guess fall can be fun too (the temperature might level out down here in the 80's if we're lucky!)

  2. Jarelle, you kick trash! Way to go, sis! I am also impressed by all of the updates on the foodie blog. We can't wait to see you guys in a week-Hooray!

  3. Life is slower and I am catching up on things-like commenting on your blog. I love "summered".... it is kind of like "awkwardiditty"...sounds like what it is. You summered well. Five states in 6 mos..awesome. Here's to ever improving health!