Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I'm not the most politically or socially active person - I tend to live in my own bubble. I hope it's not because of selfishness, but more a case of "ignorance is bliss". Grow up, I know

But I do love "occasions", and today being 9-11 it was an occasion to be patriotic. So I wore red today, (and definitely not on Friday in lieu of BYU v U). I was a bit late for faculty meeting because I was trying to find a great youtube video I could show in class

My students were 2-4 years old in 2001, they had no idea what 9-11 was. So we talked and we shared, me and my students who are only 10 years younger than me. I didn't have much to say about it, I let the video do the talking. One thing I try to teach them everyday, and especially today is respect - respect their teacher, their classmates, and today respect their country and it's citizens. So I only hoped that they would leave my room with a greater respect for this day of patriotism and mourning. And a greater respect for a country that came back from that day.
this is the video I showed them. It was my favorite of about 10 is searched this morning

One tender moment of the day:
One of my students has autism, and can't participate much in class - I've never heard him speak. Each morning in 2nd period I lead my class in the pledge. Maybe he does this every day, but today I heard him very loudly saying the Pledge. My heart smiled to hear his voice, but especially to hear it saying those words. Isn't it interesting what some students do learn?

Everyday I learn much, and that is something to be grateful for

Happy Patriotic Day, Happy Day of Remembering

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  1. What a hauntingly beautiful video. It brings me right back to that morning. I hope your students liked it and I hope it spurring some meaningful conversation! :)