Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's Ironic...

1. to fly into AZ airport and not have my mom at the gate waiting for me, and only to be there as a layover
That AZ sun still feels the same - tinkles on my skin
I got a few looks while I basked in the sun through a window
It's just beautiful!

We called my mom (already in TX) and asked why she wasn't at the AZ gate to meet us. She was too stressed to get our joke - at least we think we are funny!

2. That this week I have been teaching economics to my 7th graders. Probably only my dad can understand the humor of this. He has spent many hours trying to explain that part of life to me. Poor man. Today we made a budget in class, it was very hard. Probably because I've never actually made one myself. Ironic that I try to teach something I don't understand myself. 

3. I had parent teacher conferences this week. Funny that parents sat at my desk and talked to me like I'm an adult. Ironic that I teach their adolescents to cook because they don't. It's humorous that I was more excited about a parent's new baby than their teen. I'm in the wrong job:)

4. That we are going to NYC in 2 weeks for Stephen to do some networking and so that we can see if we could live there in the future. That's adult life

Life is ironic, big, and going


  1. Can I come with you to NYC please?? Stephen can go do his networking thing and you and I can play. This is a good plan.

  2. And what a wonderful adult you are! You can still have fun

  3. cute pic Stephen ;)
    I'm pretty jealous that you get to go to NY.
    and I hope Dan and LeeAnn's wedding was gorgeous and went well. :)
    I miss you!

  4. I didn't know'we' are going to nyc-I thought Stephen was going by his lonesome! Very nice, I'm so jealous!