Saturday, September 29, 2012

Daniel & LeeAnn

LeDan or DanAnn were married last weekend. We flew to Dallas on Thursday night then had family time for two days.
-Girls manis & pedis
-Family talks and blessings
-Rehearsal dinner
-Boys amusement park until midnight
-Wiffleball tournament
-Temple sealing
-7am airport with 10 of us

It was a full weekend. We both came with homework that didn't get done. It was good to see my family, it had and will be a few months.

Congratulations to the couple, first sister-in-law on the Fuller side!

I took lots of pictures, but they ended up in AZ - stole this from FB
They looked absolutely stunning! I have one handsome brother!

stephen remembering where we parked

at the reception

at the rehearsal dinner
At first the two boys were sitting by each other then I said we need to switch cuz I never see my sister and need to be next to her. I think they thought I was kidding...obviously not:) 
I love my sister, what can I say

their cute monogram

Thanks for the weekend Fullers!


  1. The Fuller girls all looking lovely as usual! (LeeAnn included)
    I love your dress and Aleasha's in the last shot! if you two every get tired of your clothes please feel free to send them my way ;)

  2. It was a wonderful weekend. Thank you both for your part in bringing the fun and joy. It was so fun to be with you (and to taste the yummy milky, frosty, vanilla drink!)